Allergy Friendly Restaurant Guide: Columbus

Home of The Ohio State Buckeyes, and my home for almost four years. The capital of Ohio, and the fourteenth largest city in the United States. Likely not your first vacation destination, but I’m looking to change that. I’ve had a whole bachelor’s degree worth of time to hunt down the city’s safest and mostContinue reading “Allergy Friendly Restaurant Guide: Columbus”

Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Guide: Chicago

The new city that I am so lucky to call home. Complete with Big Ten Football, miles of Lake Michigan beaches that remind me of home, and the best cuisine that a foodie could ask for. The Windy City keeps blowing me away! Picollo Sogno Picollo Sogno, Italian for “little dream” lives up to itsContinue reading “Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Guide: Chicago”