Alyssa Bauder

Founder of All Things Allergies

Hi, I’m Alyssa. I am a 25-year-old graduate student in Chicago creating the food allergy blog I wish I could have followed growing up. With a seemingly endless list of allergies that always served as my fun fact during ice breakers, I decided to create All Things Allergies as a space to share my experience with the food allergy community.

All Things Allergies highlights the unique struggles of young adults navigating severe food allergies, offers personal insights and honest reviews, encourages dialogue about mental health, normalizes food anxiety, and promotes self advocacy.

Although having my fair share of struggles after anaphylactic reactions, I am determined not to allow allergies to dictate my life. The All Things Allergy community, who I lovingly call The Hivey League, are along for the ride as I dine at hot new restaurants, fly commercial airlines, travel across the country, and muster up the courage to participate in food challenges.

My vision for All Things Allergies is to create a community designed for sharing brand recommendations, nationwide restaurant reviews, traveling hacks, and our personal stories to keep each other safe. I may not have had those resources growing up, but I’m hoping to become yours.

Welcome to The Hivey League!

About Me

  • Life threatening allergy to peanuts
  • Grown out of allergies to tree nuts, seafood, chicken, eggs, tomatoes, and fruits
  • Alumna of The Ohio State University
  • Current doctoral student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • From suburbs of Detroit, Michigan


  • Spokin Ambassador + Content Consultant
  • Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research (CFAAR) Summer Scholar’s Program
  • FARE Teal Champion


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