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All Things Allergies

A Lifestyle Blog for Young Adults Managing Severe Food Allergies

Welcome to The Hivey League!

The All Things Allergies community, which I lovingly refer to as The Hivey League, come together for a glimpse into the life of a 25-year-old doctoral student navigating severe peanut allergies in The Windy City.

“Be the woman that you needed as a little girl”


As a little girl, I lacked the resources and role models necessary to guide me through my own food allergy journey. Fast forward twenty years, All Things Allergies was designed to be the blog I wish I could have followed growing up.


My mission is to remind The Hivey League that our health and safety is not an inconvenience. All Things Allergies strives to promote self advocacy and empowers others not to be held back by their allergies.

Mental Health

As a mental health professional pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, All Things Allergies is committed to normalizing the intersectionality between mental health and food allergies.

“You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach”


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