My ID Medical ID Shop

I have been an Ohio State fan for all my life, but just because I’m a Buckeye doesn’t mean that I like nuts.

I attended an undergraduate institution whose mascot was a literal walking tree nut… I lived in a state for four years whose traditional dessert was a chocolate covered peanut butter ball… I was an Ohio State Football staff member in a facility that featured a state of the art mixed nuts bar…

All of this to say – my custom condition sleeve from My ID would have come in handy a LOT sooner.

My ID Medical ID Shop is an online medical alert bracelet company specializing in customized jewelry for a range of conditions including diabetes, epilepsy and of course – allergies. With so many medical alert products on the market, My ID differentiates itself by adding scannable QR code technology to their bracelets that allow first responders to access your digital medical profile in seconds. Customers can make all their necessary health information easily accessible in an emergency situation by quite literally wearing it on their sleeve.

Check out this video to see how it works –

The My ID product that I love is the new Condition Sleeve. I never leave home without this extra layer of protection because its sleek and convenient design slides perfectly onto my Apple Watch. It is clearly visible in the case of an emergency, but isn’t bulky or distracting. I customized my own lettering, but you can also choose from one of their pre-made products. So watch out Ohio… you are not getting rid of me that easy!

As allergy sufferers, we are always looking for more ways to keep ourselves safe. Don’t miss this simple step! You can purchase a My ID product for yourself by using my affiliate link here –

And as always – go bucks!

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